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Contract Philosophy

Our philosophy has been getting more diverse with every project we do. We have developed a system that does NOT lock the customer into a lengthy contract.  It is setup for 2 or 3 stages, depending if a land purchase is involved. These ‘stages’ help the customer move at their own pace and do not rush them into making decisions they are not comfortable with. Whether the job is a basement finish, pole barn or custom home, they all follow the same steps, when applicable.

Assuming there will be a land purchase, we use a contract that gives our customer the option to build within an agreed upon time frame or exit the contract. (Land Contract)

We then proceed to the next stage, which may also be the first stage if there is no land purchase from us. This stage typically involves the design, estimate and any consulting. First the project is designed.  After everyone agrees upon a final design it is then signed. Next, the customer will begin selecting the different materials and products. When the customer selects a product the exact price is used for an allowance, which gives us flexibility and accuracy. This is the start of bid process. Once the bid is complete, a full written contract will be drafted, in outline format, describing in detail all components and materials figured. A payment schedule will be included if necessary and depending on the size of the job. We then schedule a meeting with the customer to thoroughly go through the contract so any questions can be addressed.  If the customer no longer wishes to use our services they walk away with the drawings, a full estimate, and knowing their project is feasible. (Design Contract)

In the last stage, the building phase, we credit the customer our costs associated with the comprehensive estimate and start construction! (Building Contract)

After going through these steps, it helps ensure us and our customers that nothing is missed and everyone is working together on the same page. This also helps us nail down accurate pricing. We serve our customers better by understanding what they want which helps us minimize costly changes.

*Note: Each stage has a separate written contract.